Stock Market Course - PD Institute

Stock Market Course

SUBJECT : Stock Market Training Course

TYPE : Certification Program

LANGUAGE : English, Hindi

DURATION : 2 Months (Basic) & 3 Months (Advance)


Module 1: Basic knowledge about stock market

  • Introduction to the world of financial market
  • How market operates
  • Major market participants
  • Major regulators and their deities and responsibilities
  • Major exchanges and indices
  • Introduction to trading software’s
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis


Module 2:  Derivatives Market & Its Operations (F&O)

  • Introduction to Derivatives, Types of derivative contracts.
  • Understanding of future, forward, options
  • Future contracts, Mechanism & Pricing of Forward contracts
  • Understanding of options and its (Cell & Put)
  • Trading, Clearing and Settlement, Risk Management in Derivatives
  • Practical Exposure towards live trading



  • Working Professionals
  • Traders & Investors
  • A., , B.Sc., Pursuing Students
  • Those who wants to invest their money in stock market
  • First time market investor



About Stock Market


Stock market is the well known word for everyone. Most of the corporate know about it. History of Indian Stock Market begun in 1875. The name of the first share trading company in India was “Native Share and Stock Broker’s Association” which got famous by the name of “Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)” later. Indian stock market is one of the best stock market counted in the world

Stock market is the game of bull and bear.

Learn Stock Market Trading from Experts in PD Institute

We provide course for students & working professions. Our experts has different module segment

  1. stock market basics for beginners
  2. stock market basics for working professionals (Who has basic knowledge of stock market)

Stock Market for Beginners

New comers always search stock market meaning and they find different thoughts on Google for stock market but stock market is a collection of exchanges where investors can buy and sell shares of companies, as well as other securities.

We provide best stock market courses in India which give you a clear vision towards stock market. You should enroll and feel the authenticity of this course here. You can e eligible for stock market jobs after doing this course.


What is index in stock market?

In the stock market, an index is a statistical measure that represents the performance of a specific group of stocks or securities. It serves as a benchmark for evaluating the overall performance of a particular market or sector. Index values are typically calculated using a weighted average of the prices of the constituent securities. The weights may be based on factors such as market capitalization, price, or other criteria.

What is trading in stock market?

Trading in the stock market refers to the buying and selling of stocks or securities with the intention of making a profit

What is investing in stock market?

Investing in the stock market involves purchasing stocks or securities with the goal of generating long-term wealth accumulation or income. Unlike trading, which typically involves short-term buying and selling to capitalize on price fluctuations, investing?

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